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What Is The Process of Washing A Blonde Wig

by Quintin

If you want to buy a blonde wig, https://hairinbeauty.com/collections/blonde-wig will give you many options. However, if you want your blonde wig to last long, you need to wash it properly. This article will explain how you can wash a blonde wig.

Wear Wig properly

With any type of wig, optimal usage is very important if you want it to last long. There are some stains from sweat and other factors that will come on your wig while you wear it. For every single minute that you wear the wig, some stains will come on it. The wig cap usually accumulates these stains, and within a short period, the stain starts to affect the foundational strands of the wig. This will only happen when you use the wig for a long period before you wash it. After wearing it for that long, there is only a minor amount of stains that the washing can take away. It will now seem as though there is no improvement after you have washed.

Comb the hair with a brush to remove entanglement

Wigs get tangled from time to time. From when you put it on your head to when it is itchy, these entanglements will occur. It is unsafe to wash a wig that has entanglements within it. The washing process can cause the tangles to cut off or remain for a while. Hence, you can use a hairbrush to Comb the hair gently to remove the entanglement on the hair. Remember to be careful while brushing the hair so you do not damage it.

Prepare a mix of cold water and shampoo

Washing A wig is a process that will require shampoo or water. For this case, we will highly recommend cold water for a free mixture. There are some wigs that will require you to use warm water to wash, but this is a blonde wig, indicating that there was some dying process. Hence, using hot water may affect the color. Also, the shampoo you will use must not be one that affects the color of a wig. It is always better to have a good shampoo for the process.

Immerse your wig and wash with your hands

Washing your blonde wig does not require the most complex of processes. You only need to Immerse the wig entirely in the shampoo mix and scrub gently with your hands. After that, rinse the wig and add conditioner to the product. After that, you can simply allow the wig to dry naturally.


Washing your blonde wig is not as easy as washing any other Wig. The blonde color is a technical one that shows when there is a problem relatively quickly. You will want to wash the wig with the right products only, as using a mediocre product may force you to forfeit the wig completely. The steps in this guide have explained the good process of washing a blonde wig. However, without having the right tools, you may not want to go through it on your own. What you can do is take the wig to an expert to wash it thoroughly on a schedule. That will give you a professional touch and feel to it.

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