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Unique Clown Costume Ideas

by Quintin

Clowns are the most loved and hated characters in the world. They are funny, but their pranks can be very dangerous sometimes. But if you want to become a clown for a day or two, then here are some unique clown costume ideas for you.

Brilliant Clown Costume

If you want to wear a traditional clown costume that’s still unique, then consider buying a red wig and putting it on with a white face. Then add some bright colours to create a more interesting look. For example, put on some blue pants and red shoes with yellow laces. The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing colours for your clothing and accessories!

Girly Clown Costume

Another great idea is to go for something girly instead of scary when it comes to getting a unique clown costume idea. Girly clown costumes are much more fun because they give you the chance to play around with colours and accessories without having to worry about scaring people away! If you want something girly then why not opt for pastel colours? They look really cute on girly girls but they can also work well on guys too!

Clown Costume for Preschool Kids

If you’re looking for something simple yet fun, then consider dressing up as a preschool-aged clown. The idea is simple: all you need is an oversized shirt or dress that buttons in the front and has large pockets in the front and back; big shoes (they can be either sneakers or boots); and some floppy socks or panty hose on your hands so they look like gloves (this part can be difficult because it takes practice).

Sad Harlequin costume

This clown costume is perfect for kids who want to dress up as a sad joker from the harlequin family. It’s also a great choice for adults who want to dress as a clown for Halloween. The sad harlequin costume includes a white and red checkered shirt with long sleeves and a black vest. The shirt has red buttons down the front and two pockets on each side. It also has red trim along the edges of each pocket and around the collar and sleeves. A matching skirt completes this costume which ties at the waist with an elastic band underneath it so that it can be worn over other clothing if desired.

Homemade Clown Costume

Finally, it is possible to make your own clown costume. There are lots of tutorials online that will help you create an amazing homemade clown costume from scratch with just a few simple materials like fabric, ribbons, buttons and colors! These homemade costumes are really easy to make and they cost very little too!


The reality is that clown costumes come in a variety of sizes and styles, and every year something new gets added to the mix. What’s more, there are other factors that need to be considered: what will you wear under your costume? Clown makeup rather than a mask? Or vice versa? Make sure that you pay close attention to how layers look on top of each other. On top of all this, it’s important to consider whether your costume will fit over clothing such as coats.

The best part about clown costumes is that you can make them as scary or as funny as you want, it is entirely up to you!

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