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Pressure Washers for Side Walk Cleaning and Gum Removal

by quintin

One of the most common applications of pressure washers is sidewalk cleaning. However, cleaning a sidewalk differs from other surfaces. This is primarily because of the type of dirt present on sidewalks. One of the hardest things to clean off a sidewalk is gum. When gum is thrown on the sidewalk and not removed immediately, it hardens and becomes hard to remove. Therefore, conventional gum removal tips would not help. This is common in schools, businesses, local authorities, and retail establishments. Using a pressure washer is the best way to remove dum off the sidewalk. This post discusses tips for how to pressure clean gum off the sidewalk.

Tips for using pressure washers for sidewalk gum removal

The most common method for removing hardened gum from surfaces is scraping. However, this is a traditional method. It requires a lot of energy and can be incredibly time-consuming. Additionally, this technique often does not produce the desired results. Pressure washing is the ideal way to get better results. Below are some tips for getting the most out of pressure washing a sidewalk for gum removal;

a. Use the right power cleaning tools

While pressure washing is the best solution for removing gum from the sidewalk, you need the right tools for the process. Using the wrong power washing tools can leave any residue or stain. Below are some specifications you should consider when choosing the right power washing tools for gum removal;

  • It would be wise to choose a machine with 5 gallons at 3000 PSI for adequate water pressure on the surface
  • A small nozzle to shoot water at the right pressure to remove the stuck gum

b. Ensure to use hot water

Another essential tip for using pressure washers for gum removal is applying hot water. Most property owners assume that the water pressure from the machine would be adequate for shooting gum from a hard surface. However, more often than not, this does not work. The surest way to remove hardened gum from a surface is by applying heat. Hot water ejected from the machine helps penetrate and disintegrate the gum stuck on a surface. Heat and water are the most effective way of getting gum off any surface.

However, this is a dangerous combination. Therefore, you should always practice precautionary steps like wearing protective clothing when pressure washing a sidewalk for gum removal.

c. Learn about your machine

It would also help to learn about your machine. This way, you make the right decisions when choosing the right attachments and accessories. Understanding your machine will also help prevent injuries and damage to your sidewalk when pressure cleaning and gum removal.

Final Word

Besides removing hardened gum from the sidewalk, pressure washers also help get other dirt off the surface. For example, it can remove paint and other tough, stubborn dirt from the surface. However, doing this in the wrong way could cause damage to the surface. For instance, direct cold water pressure washing can cause etching on the concrete, making it vulnerable to future damage.

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