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Job Board 7.5 Enterprise Edition w/Source
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List Price: $499.95
Availability: Immidiate Download

Product Information
PA Installation Included
Source Code Included (VB.NET)
Edition Enterprise Edition w/Source
DNN Version Compatibility DNN 5.2+
Add-Ons Included (2)
URL: Live Demo
URL: Quick Usage Guide

Product Description

New in this version

  • SEO Friendly URLs and Page Titles.
  • Enhanced List Manager.
  • DataList Template for List Manager.
  • Option to include listings in sub categories for List Manager.
  • Display Detailed Reviews in List Manager.
  • Option to show Top 10 Highest Overall Reviews in List Manager.
  • Option to show Top 10 Highest for each Detailed Review category in List Manager.
  • Display numbering in List Manager.
  • etc.

New in version 7.4

  • Option to enable Detailed Review (On/Off).
  • Option to set Detailed Review style. Options include star, bars of different colors, and your own custom bar color.
  • Option to customize Detailed Review template.
  • Option to enable coupon (On/Off).
  • Roles that can add coupons.
  • etc.

New in version 7.3

  • Option to add script for Social Bookmarking service.
  • Option to prioritize Featured Listings (Do not move, Always on top, and Always on top except radius search).
  • Advanced search by Employment Type and Starting Salary.
  • Option to assign roles that can manage job applications.
  • Option to allow free renewal.
  • Enhanced filtering.
  • Enhanced layout.
  • Enhanced localization.
  • Enhanced search.
  • Enhanced listings subscription.
  • Enhanced Search Add On (included).
  • etc.

New in version 7.0

  • Option to notify admin when users email friend.
  • Option to include listing in Prind Ad.
  • Option to make each field required, hidden, or optional.
  • Option to enable/disable each address control field.
  • Configurable roles that can view emails.
  • Configurable roles that can view requirements checkboxes.
  • Apply now options Embedded/New Page.
  • Radius Search from zip code (US only).
  • Option to integrate with Resume Manager module.
  • Option to turn on/off searching by categories.
  • Additional Payment Gateway (
  • Listing Renewal option.
  • Option to set limit for maximum allowed images, files, and YouTube videos.
  • Option to require individual item authorization for images, files, and YouTube videos.
  • Password retrieval option.
  • Email notification template.
  • Saved Listings/Searches (similar to Wish List).
  • Optional embedded Google map display.
  • Optional detail page layout.
  • etc.

New in version 6.0

  • AJAX Search Auto Complete.
  • Customized icons feature (On/Off).
  • YouTube videos.
  • Facebook Like button (On/Off).
  • Enhanced review features.
  • Free trial subscription feature.
  • Option to search attribute string values.
  • Require DNN 5.2 or above.
  • etc.

New in version 5.0

  • Required DNN 5.x
  • Source format in DNN 5.x/ASP.NET 3.5/VS 2008.
  • List Manager Add On included.
  • Search Add On included. This will allow search box to be installed on any page.
  • Enhanced search and navigation.
  • Enhanced friendly url.
  • Enhanced featured listings.
  • Configurable default Sort Direction (Ascending/Descending)
  • Option to wrap controls to save screen real estate.
  • Configurable left, center, and right column width.
  • Option to turn on/off auto fill listing email with currently login user's email.
  • etc.

New in version 4.3

  • Enhanced performance option.
  • Enhanced lightbox feature.
  • Additional source format available.

New in version 4.2

  • Enhanced and integrated search by location. Filtering by Zip Code. Applicable locations will be automatically populated as picklists.
  • Option to set pre-defined attribute template.
  • Cascade delete enable.

New in version 4.1

  • Allow users to subscribe to selected job categories. This will allow users to be notified for matching jobs.
  • Option to send notification for new job listings to target users in selected roles.
  • Configrable roles that can apply for jobs.
  • Option to turn on/off page options.
  • Option for Printer Friendly version.

New in version 4.0

  • Apply for this job with an option to upload Resume and Cover Letter files.
  • Track submitted applications (role based).
  • Allow unlimited images, files, and item attributes (role based).
  • Allow the same item to be listed under multiple categories (role based).
  • Enhanced review feature (role based).
  • Quick Search feature.
  • Option to charge for subscription.
  • Configurable picklists.
  • Configurable sort options.
  • Export to excel.
  • Generate RSS feeds.
  • Option to enable/disable Category Drill Down.
  • Option to copy existing item and save as a new listing.
  • Option to make listings never expire,
  • Etc, please see Quick Usage Guide attched for more information.


  • Public posting enable.
  • Password option for public users to edit or delete jobs.
  • Company logo upload enable. Image will be proportionally scaled.
  • Set expiration date.
  • Search enable.
  • Auth enable.
  • Tracking view count.
  • Print this job option
  • Email this job option
  • Add to favorites option.
  • Popup calendar.
  • New job listings within xxx days (period configurable).
  • Job Category Management (unlimited sub category level)
  • Job Category Browsing Treeview with option to show/hide and configurable root text.
  • Configurable Checkboxes Features.
  • Enhanced graphics & grid layout.
  • Option to enable listing notification with configurable e-mail setting.
  • Configurable view job listings roles.
  • Configurable add job listing roles.
  • Paging enable with configurable page size..
  • Option to show new job listings on home only or all pages.
  • Option to change job category for each listing in both add/edit mode.
  • Enhanced search, filter by category, search by Job Code.
  • Show days to be expired.
  • Icon notification when listing is expired or unauthorized (for admin).
  • Include a small scale down company logo in the listing grid.
  • Configurable number of sub categories shown.
  • Configurable number of repeat columns shown.
  • Option to make inquiry and schedule an interview
  • Announcement Panel (configurable).
  • Job Posting Approval option (plus email notification)
  • Attached Document upload enable.
  • Configurable Default Expiration Period (days)
  • Option to show/hide View Count
  • Option to show/hide Days to Expire
  • Option to show/hide Contact Email
  • Option for Salary/Hourly Rate
  • Sorting/Filtering
  • Filter image file types
  • Featured Jobs Enable.
  • PayPal Integration.
  • Quick Navigation for: My Listings, Expired Listings, Unapproved Listings, Expired in 7 days, Expired in 30 days, Featured Jobs, Most View Listings, and Least View Listings.

More Images:
Main Page with Standard Icons
Main Page with Standard Icons (included in Module)
Main Page with customized Icons
Main Page with customized Icons. (Samples of customized Icons used in this Demo/Documentation are from They’re NOT included in the Module)
Main Page with DataGrid View
Main Page with Data Grid View
Sort Listings in DataGrid View
Sort Listings in DataGrid View. Sort Options can be configurable in Manage Sort Options.
Filter Listings by Employment Type in DataGrid View
Filter Listings by Employment Type in DataGrid View. Employment Types can be configurable in Manage Picklists.
Search Locations - Autocomplete (NEW)
Search by Locations with the options of Postal Drop Down List, AutoComplete by city, AutoComplete by Region, AutoComplete by City-Region, AutoComplete by Postal, or AutoComplete by Custom Locations.
Search Keyword - Autocomplete (NEW)
Search by Keywords with the options of AutoComplete by Title or AutoComplete by Custom Keywords.
Search Radius (NEW)
Search by Radius. For US only and Required US Zipcode Add On.
Search - Save Search (NEW)
User, after Login, can save his/her favorite search to "My Saved Search".
More Detail Page 1
More Detail Page 1 : To view Job Descriptions, Job Information, and Embedded Google Map.
More Detail Page 2
More Detail Page 2 : To view additional information, images, and YouTube videos if available.
More Detail Page 3
More Detail Page 3 : To view related Files, Company Information, and other Categories that this Job was also listed under.
More Detail Page 4 (Apply for Job)
More Detail Page 4 : To view Page Options, including Apply for this Job section when using Job Board as stand alone module, and also Customer Reviews here.
Apply for Job (integrated to ResumeManager)
Apply for this Job page when using Job Board integrated to Resume Manager module
View Submitted Applications
Also on More Detail Page, Users, with Roles that can view submitted applications, will be able to view list of Applications submitted to their own job listings here.
User Review (optional)
To let User review any listing.
Add to My List (NEW)
To let User save his/her intersting listing to "My Saved List".
Quick Links for Registered Users (NEW)
To let User easily navigate through the links to accomplish tasks of the module.
To let Users subscribe to the listing plans and see the information of their Listing Subscription plans.
Renew Listing (NEW)
To let User renew individual Listing. Renewal Plans are configurable.
Email Notification (NEW)
To let User subscribe to any Category that he/she wants to get Email Notification when the listings are added/updated.
My Listings
To let Recruiter simply view his/her own Listings in DataGrid View.
My Saved List (NEW)
To let User view a List of his/her saved Listings. When click into any Saved List, More Detail Page of that Saved Listing will be open.
My Saved Search (NEW)
To let User view List of his/her saved Search. When click into any Saved Search, Search Results based on its Saved Search Criteria will be displayed.
My Submitted Applications (NEW
To let Job Seekers access to a List of Jobs that they've submitted applications to. Also, they can easily view and edit their submitted applications here.
My Listings with Applicants (NEW)
To allow Recruiter to simply view his/her own job Listings which have applications submitted to in DataGrid Views.
Quick Links for Administrator.
Administrator can easily access administration tasks through these quick links.
Add/Update Listing
To add/update listing.
Add Attributes (optional)
To add additional Attributes to Job Listing.
Add More Images (optional)
To add additional Images to Job Listing.
Add Additional Files (optional)
To add additional Files to Job Listing.
Add YouTube Videos (optional)
To add YouTube Videos to Job Listing.
Listing's Review Admin
To let Review Administrator authorize/delete Reviews for this Job Listing.
Also List Under (optional)
To allow this Listing to be listed under multiple Categories.
Manage Picklists
To let Administrator add/manage Picklist Items to be used on Post Listing Page.
Manage Sort Options
To let administrator predefine how to sort the Listings.
Manage Categories
To let Category Administrator add/manage Categories.
Manage Listings
To let Listing Administrator easily authorize/manage all Lisitings. Will be able to export all Listings to Microsoft Excel.
Export to Excel
In Manage Lisitngs page, Administrator will be able to Export all Listings to Microsoft Excel.
Manage Job Applications (NEW)
To let Admin view all Applications submitted. Also, Admin can view/edit each Application, and update Internal Note/Application Status for each Application submitted.
Manage Reviews
Review Administration Page. Will allow Administrator to easily authorize/delete any Review for all products.
Attribute Template
To let Administrator predefine some default Attributes.
Edit Options (NEW)
Module Configurations for Module Operation Mode
Edit Options
Module Configurations for Roles and Security Settings
Edit Options
Module Configurations for General and Layout Settings
Edit Options (NEW)
Module Configurations for Location Settings and Image/File/Video Settings
Edit Options
Module Configurations for Email and Notification Settings
Edit Options (NEW)
Module Configurations for Search Settings
Edit Options
Module Configurations for Page Options Settings and Performance Settings
Edit Options
Module Configurations for Review Settings
Edit Options
Module Configurations for Announcement Settings
Edit Options (NEW)
Module Configurations for Payment Settings (PayPal)
Edit Options (NEW)
Module Configurations for Payment Settings (

Customer Reviews

  208 of 208 people found the following review helpful:
Reviewed by: Brian Dowling On 1/11/2012
  No DotNetNuke module is perfect, but at the price point, this Job Board provides a reliable and functional feature that can be easily added and maintained on your site. I've used the 4.2 version for a number of years and it has worked without error. I recently did a major upgrade of DNN, skipping several versions, and also upgraded the Job Board to version 7. I had to contact customer customer support to help me with the install. They spent the time and effort and responded very promptly. I would rate them as one of the better vendors and was very pleased with the service they provided.
  Was this review helpful?  
  6 of 7 people found the following review helpful:
Reviewed by: Dave Bradley On 9/16/2009
  The Job Board 4.3 is a great product that really works, and has a small footprint. I can highly recommend not just this product, but also the excellent support staff who promptly reply to questions. By way of example: I approached DotNetJedi for an evaluation version of this product (prior to purchasing) to validate that it suits my need, and they compiled such a version for me within a day, and I found it in my email inbox the next morning. Great functionality, and simple to use, with excellent documentation. When DotNetJedi indicates that you can have free access to another of their tools, it is automatically included in the download page once you have paid. If I am ever looking for DNN solutions in future, my first stop will be at DotNetJedi.
  Was this review helpful?  
  6 of 7 people found the following review helpful:
Reviewed by: William Jeansonne On 4/20/2009
  Job board 4.1 has added tremendous value to our Web site by allowing recruiters and candidates to easily subscribe, post and track jobs. It's the one main feature or DNN module that completes our social networking Career Center for IT professionals. Visit our Web site IT to see for yourself! Will
  Was this review helpful?  
  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Reviewed by: Bonni On 7/29/2004
  This is the best DNN module I've ever purchased. I am barely getting by with my DNN knowledge and unfortunately have run in to a number of cases where I can't get a module to work, either because of lack of documentation, or a lack of knowledge on my part. This module seemed too good to be true, as it exceeded my customer's need for a job posting engine. It is incredibly easy to set up and custimizing is a breeze. The look and feel is rich and allows for you to make it match your site, as well as upload more appropriate photos to match your industry. The documentation is far better than what is provided for most DNN modules, though I still think we have a long way to go as a community of making this technology more accessible for our end users (but, that is a topic for another forum). Buy this product today - you won't be sorry!
  Was this review helpful?  
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