Patrick Ryan
I have been utilizing DNN for many years, and I will tell you that there are few companies that live up to the standard of support and quality of operation. Dotnetjedi has been one of the most responsive and most supportive 3rd party module vendors that I have ever dealt with. I purchased their business directory for a client which needed a solution for their project, and after SEVERAL tries with other developers I was left disappointed. After MANY years in this business I have NEVER had ONE disappointed client, and thanks to the support and prompt attention of dotnetjedi, I can say that I still to this day have not had ONE disappointed client. Thank you Dotnetjedi.. Thank you so much for helping me.. You have NO idea how much your attentiveness and support to my request have helped me. You're modules are fantastic, solid, and bug proof. I will stand by and promote you always.
Dave Bradley
The Job Board 4.3 is a great product that really works, and has a small footprint. I can highly recommend not just this product, but also the excellent support staff who promptly reply to questions. By way of example: I approached DotNetJedi for an evaluation version of this product (prior to purchasing) to validate that it suits my need, and they compiled such a version for me within a day, and I found it in my email inbox the next morning. Great functionality, and simple to use, with excellent documentation. When DotNetJedi indicates that you can have free access to another of their tools, it is automatically included in the download page once you have paid. If I am ever looking for DNN solutions in future, my first stop will be at DotNetJedi. You can view the job board on my site. 
Simon Martin-Lemmon
Excellent product and excellent support. Any queries I have had, have been answered very quickly and professionally. I have not found a smiliar product that can do exactly what this does. Highly recommended.
Classifieds Module's Customer
Great Product and excellent support. My support requests have always been answered personally and in great detail within only a few hours. I would happily buy other products from this company with the utmost confidence.
Peter V
This is a really nice Paypal store for DNN. Not a big bloated Ecommerce application. It's very straight forward, configurable, and works great. Tech support is excellent as well. A++
William Sleeper
I have purchased multiple modules from DotNetJedi. They have been 100% ready to use. I have asked for assistance on some additional needs and they have been responsive. I have opened the various code packages and found them to be proffesionally documented and well formed. Thanks for being there DotNetJedi.
David Wagner
Great service from a very helpful staff. I had some issues and they stayed right on top until it was done!
Gary DeCuir
Are you looking for a Business Directory solution for your site? THIS IS THE PRODUCT TO USE!!!!! Great product! Great support! A must have.
Kim Sheridan
Having never implemented a store, the help offered by DotentJedi from installing to going through the steps of getting the store conenected with a testing process to going live was patient and excellent.
William Jeansonne -- IT Specilaist.info
Job board 4.1 has added tremendous value to our Web site by allowing recruiters and candidates to easily subscribe, post and track jobs. It's the one main feature or DNN module that completes our social networking Career Center for IT professionals. Visit our Web site IT Specialist.info to see for yourself! Will
Michael Washington -- DNN Core Team
We have been using Faq's manager for over a year. it is a central part of ValeriesWeddings.com and has been able to handle hundreds of questions and answers with no problems. We were also able to easily customize it to blend into the look and feel of our website. We would recommend DotNetJedi highly.
Greg M.
This thing worked right out of the box. It was more than hoped for. As a novice, it was easy to set up and configure. The documentation however, could be improved but better than most.
Franco Prati
I very much appreciate the fast and precise support provided.
Job Board's Customer
This is the best DNN module I've ever purchased. I am barely getting by with my DNN knowledge and unfortunately have run in to a number of cases where I can't get a module to work, either because of lack of documentation, or a lack of knowledge on my part. This module seemed too good to be true, as it exceeded my customer's need for a job posting engine. It is incredibly easy to set up and custimizing is a breeze. The look and feel is rich and allows for you to make it match your site, as well as upload more appropriate photos to match your industry. The documentation is far better than what is provided for most DNN modules, though I still think we have a long way to go as a community of making this technology more accessible for our end users (but, that is a topic for another forum). Buy this product today - you won't be sorry!
Simple and effective. Easy to install and it works well. Happy customer!
IBuySpy Module's Customer
Thank you so much for the prompt response. I greatly apreciate this quality help. Again thank you. It is refreshing to see such excellent and very responsive support in this industry.
Melany Howard
I am very impressed with the level of support received and am looking forward to doing business with DotNetJedi again.